2018 Bob Hairstyles

2018 hair trends begin with collection of brand new bob hairstyles that are created by hair gurus and trendsetters. New styles of bob haircut are even more glamorous and fashionable. The length of new 2018 bob hairstyles are left a bit longer and this is great; they can be pulled up or left loose. If you have worn long hair for years you will easily get used to shorter hair.

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The most popular style from 2018 bob haircuts is long blunt bob that was spotted not only on the catwalk but also on the red carpet. Celebrities got rid of long hair and chose bob hairstyles. I think their experience will help you to make up your mind and get similar look.

Long bob haircut will look gorgeous if only you have natural thick hair. Blunt cut fine hair will look dull and it will be a bit tricky to boost the volume. If you really want to have bob haircut but you cannot devote much time on hair styling you can easily create an illusion of voluminous with the help of layering. This trick will boost the volume of thin hair and make the styling much easier. Layers should be placed on back. For extra glam you can get angled bob haircut with long sharp layers on the front and shorter layers on back.

2018 bob hairstyles, bob hairtyle, bob hairstyles

Long bob looks smashing with side parting. Still side parting is not suitable for every face shape. Besides of side parting long bob is completed with layered side bang. This style is more suitable for large forehead. For more dramatic look you can even get long bob with massive blunt bang.

2018 bob hairstyles, bob hairtyle, bob hairstyles

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